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  • The life & times of Mabel Barker
  • Interview: Pasang Lhamu Sherpa
  • Interview: Alison Levine
  • Splitboard Norway: the Lynx Foot
  • 60 seconds: Tamara Lunger
  • Training: Schooled by Adventure
  • The Golden Age of Mountaineering
  • Tested: Martin Moran

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David Lintern

David Lintern


An Award winning photographer and writer for multiple titles, David Lintern has an extensive knowledge of digital communications and international links in the outdoors community. He lives and breathes walking, scrambling, biking and paddling, and is based in Glasgow.

Lucy Wallace

Lucy Wallace

Gear Editor

Gear editor, Lucy Wallace, is based on the Isle of Arran. Lucy is an experienced winter mountain leader and member of the Mountain Leader Training Association. A dedicated outdoor blogger and owner of arranwildwalks.co.uk, Lucy has the expertise and location to test outdoor kit to its limits.

Dan Aspel

Dan Aspel

Gear Editor

A professional journalist and summer mountain leader. He works across the outdoor industry,
shooting many of his own mountain features, and contributes to a wide range of titles.

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